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Competitive Youth Baseball Teams

In the past 15-20 years, the landscape of youth baseball has completely changed…in many regards for the better, and in some cases, for the worse.

The rise of competitive youth baseball teams throughout the country has helped many players develop, increase their love of the game, and help them reach their full potential. However, whenever there is a flood of hundreds of millions of dollars into a market, there are also individuals opening programs that have no business being around kids…let alone young baseball players.

A quality competitive youth baseball team, first and foremost, should be run by quality people who can help develop young men. The main purpose of sports is to help develop character, work ethic, resiliency, and many other factors that will help them become quality individuals capable of contributing in a positive way to society.

Second, a reputable competitive youth baseball team will be run by individuals who have an extensive baseball background and/or a history of developing young baseball players and helping them reach their baseball goals. Competitive youth baseball teams and programs are an investment in a family’s time and money. As a parent, you want to make sure you are seeing improvement out of your athlete’s playing ability and other intangibles (work ethic, responsibility, etc).

I have seen too many programs where kids constantly get yelled and cussed at, where the players are allowed to act in a disrespectful way to their parents, coaches and teammates, and where the overall atmosphere is toxic.

I have also seen many competitive youth baseball teams where the owners and coaches flat out lie to families about their history, what they can do for their kids, and how the entire process works. Basically, these coaches will say anything to you to get them to write you a check.

To find the right competitive youth baseball team for your son, look for a few items:

  1. Make sure the people running the organizations are good people who genuinely care about the kids.
  2. Look for an environment that is buzzing with player and parents. Speak with a few different parents to get their feedback on the program.
  3. Look for a high retention rate. All programs will have players who leave. However, when year after year a good percentage of their clients leave, that is a sign that something is wrong.
  4. Look for tangible proof that the program is making your son a better baseball player. Does the program give you a baseline of where your son begins usually measurable and verifiable facts and then regularly test using that baseline as the benchmark? A good organization will be able to show you your son’s exit velocity, throwing velocity and strength/speed are all improving.
  5.  Look for an organization who has a long history of helping athletes reach the same goals that your son has. If he wants to be a D1 player, does that coach have LEGITIMATE D1 connections and many players who have moved on to that level?

At CageRat Baseball, our mission is to learn what our player’s goals are, educate them on the process, and then give them a clear action plan on how to achieve those goals. Our competitive youth baseball teams have proven time and time again that they will help your son love baseball and learn to work harder and harder (and actually enjoy it!) until he reaches his baseball goals.

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