A recruiting coach for high school Juniors and Seniors who helps navigate the ins and outs of the recruiting process and gives you expert advice so you're in the best position to get recruited.


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“With training and recruiting help from CageRat I got recruited by a D1 school!”

-Jake Skrine

Pass Your Competition

Focus on the skills recruiters look for

Make Connections

Learn how to connect with the right coaches

Stand Out

Follow our proven formula to get noticed by recruiters


CageRat Recruitment Program


Receive Your Recruitment Plan

Work with our coaches to design a personalized plan to get your son recruited.


Have a Coach Standing By

Ask questions and get advice as you take each step


Feel Your Stress Lift

A clear plan, along with having us on speed dial, will give you confidence your signing day is in sight!

Your Personal Recruiting Coach

We’re your coach off the field helping call the shots and making sure each step you and your son take is the right one.

Unlimited Access to Our Coaches

Get unlimited phone and email access to our coaches, including Tad Reida, to have all your questions answered

How to Get Recruited Handbook

Receive a step-by-step plan to help you navigate the recruiting process

Three Skills Recruiters Look For eBook

Learn what skills recruiters want to see and how to get noticed

Record the Perfect Recruiting Video

Listen to a former college coach tell you what he wanted to see in recruiting videos

All-Star Community

Join hundreds of athletes who already trust CageRat

Strength and Skill Advice

Learn what strength training works best

"CageRat's training program exposed me to a pro-style workout. The constant focus on developing bat, arm, and foot speed helped me get recruited by a D1 school!"

Zach BrackenUniversity of New Orleans

"I struggled making my high school baseball team, but two years with CageRat and I became one of the best players in the state. I landed a Division 1 scholarship at Air Force, the school of my dreams."

Hunter ParnellAir Force Falcons

"CageRat’s intensive training and clear recruitment plan helped my son reach the next level and get recruited by the University of North Carolina."

Lisa FosterUniversity of North Carolina

Why CageRat Athletes Get Recruited

Most players and their parents spend their time and money sending emails, joining recruiting services, and attending random showcases – HOPING they are making the right moves to get recruited. At CageRat Baseball, we’ve developed a program that takes all the guesswork out of the recruiting process so you know exactly what you need to do to help put your son in the best position to get picked by recruiters.

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We know how confusing it can be to navigate the recruiting process. It’s difficult to find a coach who knows what he’s doing and stressful to know what steps you should be taking. This can lead to wasted time on unproductive activities and failure to get recruited. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

CageRat is led by Tad Reida. Tad has coached and played baseball for over 27 years, including coaching the Indiana Bulls and Air Force Falcons. He’s helped hundreds of athletes reach their peak performance and get recruited. Over the years he developed a powerful training system to improve the skills recruiters look for and become baseball all-stars. He takes athletes through this training process all year long and has helped hundreds of athletes get recruited to college teams.

With your CageRat Recruitment Program membership you’ll learn our simple process to become the best athlete you can and get recruited. You will: 1. Learn what skills recruiters look for and determine if you are at college-ready levels. 2. Connect with coaches at the schools you want to attend. 3. Discover how to stand out and get noticed.

Getting recruited shouldn’t be confusing. If you find a great coach and focus on the right skills, you can reach college-ready levels and stand out from the crowd. Request an invite today and start working with these incredible coaches.

It’s time to stop guessing what works and risk getting passed up. Become an all-star and get recruited!

Get Exclusive Access

Stop guessing what you need to do. Our founder, Tad Reida, has been in baseball for almost 30 years. He knows what coaches look for and designed this plan to help you get recruited.

Most talented athletes don’t get recruited. They don’t know if they’re taking the right steps or how to navigate the confusing recruiting process. This is your son’s one chance to play college baseball, don’t risk getting passed up.

What You Get

How to Get Recruited Handbook

Discover the necessary steps to give your son the best opportunity to recruited.

  1. Identify and improve your son’s skill level
  2. Find a college that perfectly matches his skills
  3. Get in front of recruiters
  4. Engage with coaches
  5. Celebrate on signing day

Plus, you get direct access to our coaches who help you walk through each step of this process with confidence.

Direct Access to Our Coaches

  • Our coaches, including Tad Reida, guide you through the entire recruitment process
  • Ask all your questions and receive answers from baseball professionals
  • Regular check-ins to make sure you’re on the right track
  • Stop feeling unsure about the steps you’re taking

Three Skills Recruiters Look For eBook

  • Learn what skills to focus on to get noticed by recruiters
  • Discover how to master these skills and stand out
  • Get practical advice on measuring and improving your performance
  • Find out what strength training works best
  • Receive nutrition advice

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are you different from other recruiting services?

    First and foremost, we are NOT a recruiting service. Most recruiting services are built on building your profile, creating your video and emailing coaches. They sell based on doing things for you.
    Our philosophy is completely different. Everything we do is based on how college coaches actually recruit. College coaches are recruiting YOU, not us. Our job is to help you identify your skill level, create your recruiting game plan, help you execute that game plan, and then be there as a guide and consultant during the entire journey!

    How do you know how colleges recruit?

    Our process comes from years of being on the other side of the recruiting fence. CageRat founder, Tad Reida, has spent time as the assistant coach recruiting for both West Virginia University as well as the Air Force Academy. His knowledge and experiences, including close connections with current coaches, forms the foundation of our program.

    How do you help potential recruits remotely?

    We help you create an individualized recruiting plan based on your current skill level. Then we help you execute that plan (coaches want to hear from YOU, as that is who they are recruiting, not us!). We serve you as a guide and consultant to provide support as you are executing the plan, help you make adjustments as necessary, and answer any questions that come up.

    If my son isn't recruited/committed by Junior year is it too late?

    Absolutely not! So many services out there give people the high-pressured sales tactic to get them to buy their high-priced products. For 99% of all athletes, the Junior year is when the true recruiting phase actually starts.
    Here is a quick version of how the process works: Big schools (SEC, ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, etc) start committing players first….usually as Freshman and Sophomores. Then, small and mid-majors start to commit players at the end of their Sophomore year and as Juniors and Seniors. Then, non-D1 schools (D2, D3, NAIA, Junior College, etc) recruit Juniors and Seniors (Seniors mostly).

    Should my son attend certain camps or showcases?

    Unfortunately, most families are throwing money at camps hoping it is a good camp to go to without truly knowing. One of the best (and cost-effective) parts of our service is the fact you can ask us any question. This includes: is this camp, showcase, or team going to help my son get to the next level? We can help you identify the best camps/showcases to go to and teams to play on, sometimes saving you thousands of dollars in registration fees.

    What other ways do you help on the recruiting journey?

    Our video analysis and hitting progression plan has become very popular. This is included in our “Yearly + Videos” package. With it, you will receive 4 sessions which can be utilized at any point during the year. We will analyze your video and give you specific drills you can utilize. Each analysis will be a stepping stone on the analysis before.
    This will help create a very powerful, efficient swing that will work at a high level. After you have utilized your 4 video sessions, you have the opportunity to purchase more.

    Okay, I'm ready to sign up. What's next?

    Once you decide to bring us aboard your team and register/pay, you will receive a welcome email with clear instructions for player information you need to send us. Then you can set up your initial video call (or phone call) with us to create your game plan. In that call we provide you with actionable items to work on.
    Once the initial phase is over, we are available for ongoing e-mail and phone/video calls to continue to engaging in the process, advise slight changes to your plan, and make sure you are moving towards goals. And, of course, to answer any questions you have.

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