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By February 15, 2017July 20th, 2018Blog
Definition of CageRat Success

The definition of success is different for every person who walks through our facility doors.

Each player has different goals, talent levels and potential.

Hunter Parnell was the first player to join the CageRat program and his story is still one of my favorites.

Hunter and I first met when he was 14 (fall of his freshman year). Even at that age, Hunter took the initiative to email me, discussing how he wanted to improve.  From the start, you could tell it was Hunter who had the goals and not his parents who were pushing him.

At first, Hunter’s goals were baseball related. He wanted to become a Division 1 and professional baseball player. At the time, he was an average to slightly below average baseball player. He had a bat speed of 72 MPH, throwing velocity of 68 MPH and a 60 time of 8.2 seconds.

Hunter bought into the program and worked extremely hard in the cages, the weight room, and most importantly, in the classroom. By the summer of his Junior year, only 2.5 years later, he had completely transformed as a player.

Hunter had added about 40 pounds of muscle and his exit velocity on hitting jumped to 94 MPH, his throwing velocity rose to 88 MPH and he ran a 6.7 60-yard dash. He had made himself into a legitimate Division 1 prospect.

What is great about Hunter was his ability to keep his future in sight. While he was busy developing into a great baseball player, his life goals began to change.

When Hunter and I began to create his recruiting plan, he told me “I would love to play D1 baseball, but more importantly I want to go to a school where I can get a great education and either become a doctor and/or lawyer.” With that in mind, we were able to narrow down his list of schools.

Ultimately we were able to help Hunter land a full ride scholarship to the Air Force Academy where he is getting one of the best educations possible. Because of his service in the military, he will also get law school paid for if he decides to pursue that route!

After a few surgeries, Hunter’s baseball career ultimately came to a close. However, instead of baseball, he is now jumping out of airplanes as a member of the Air Force Academy’s “Wings of Blue.”

Hunter’s story shows that with hard work and a good head on your shoulders, baseball will help you achieve whatever goals you set your mind to!

We would love to help you in the same way we helped Hunter.