High school baseball training that helps your son become the best player he can be with coaching from former college coaches, intense skill exercises, and baseball strength training in Colorado Springs.


Your Son Deserves Improvement He Can See

“My exit velocity went from 65 mph to 93 mph!”

– Bridger Havens

Hit Harder

Boost his exit velocity by 20+ mph and get more home runs

Throw Farther

Increase his throwing velocity and get more people out

Run Faster

Shave time off his 60 yard dash so he can steal more bases

3 Simple Steps to Playing His Best

Our unique high school baseball training program in Colorado Springs teaches your son exactly what he needs to do to get better and play his best.


Receive Individual

Your son gets looked in the eye and given instruction and feedback, just for him


Measure and Track
His Improvement

Regularly measure hitting and throwing velocity so you sees how much he improves


Reach His
Best Level

Knock 'em out of the park and get recruited for college baseball

What Makes CageRat Baseball Training Different

Let’s be real: most high school baseball training programs talk a big game, but your son doesn’t improve.

Tons of great high school baseball players end up at places where the coaches don’t know what they’re talking about, give confusing tips, and don’t give them the attention they deserve. They just stand there and yell at the group while your son waits in line for your next drill.

And no one gets better.

At CageRat Baseball we provide top-notch training that keeps your son moving and engaged the whole time. Plus, we measure his progress so you can see how much better he gets.

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We know how hard it can be to find a high school baseball training program that helps your son get better. This can lead to wasted time on exercises that don’t work and failure to see the improvement you want. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if your son was finally able to beat his PR? Imagine how great it would feel for him to get recruited for college baseball.

CageRat is led by Tad Reida. Tad has coached baseball for over 10 years, including at West Virginia University and Air Force Academy, and played baseball for over 27 years. He’s helped hundreds of athletes become the best they can be.

Over the years he created a powerful baseball training system to improve the skills baseball players need to become all-stars. He takes youth and high school athletes through this training process all year long and has helped hundreds of athletes get recruited to college teams.

With your CageRat Baseball Training membership, your son gets access to the best skill development and baseball strength training in Colorado. Your son will:

1. Measure and track his skills. You regularly get exit velocity and throwing velocity readouts so you can see your son’s improvement.

2. Receive personalized feedback from one of our CageRat coaches.

3. Play like a friggin pro.

Getting better is possible! If your son finds a great coach and focuses on the right skills, he can reach his best levels and stand out from the crowd.

Bring him in for a free training session today so he can start working with our incredible coaches.

It’s time to stop falling for a training program that doesn’t follow through. Become a CageRat and help your son get better, for real.

Every CageRat Who Wants To Play College Baseball Has Gotten Recruited

You read that right. Every. Single. One.

"My son's exit velocity went from 81 mph to 95 mph and his throwing velocity went from 78 mph to 96 mph!"

"He got recruited by the University of North Carolina, with the hopes of one day being drafted by the MLB."

Lisa FosterUniversity of North Carolina

"My exit velocity went from 75 mph to 100 mph! Then I got recruited by a D1 school!"

Zach BrackenUniversity of New Orleans

"My exit and throwing velocity both increased by 20 mph! My exit velo went from 72 to 94 mph and my throwing velocity went from 71 to 91 mph."

"Coaches noticed and I got recruited by the Air Force Falcons!"

Hunter ParnellAir Force Falcons

What Your Son Experiences

“My throwing velocity went from 75 mph to 98 mph!”
– Jason Shuger

Train as Much
as He Wants

If the doors are open, your son is welcome to train.


Our coaches are all on the same page, so your son gets consistent feedback.

Strength Training

Baseball-specific strength training to help your son get to the next level.

What Your Son Gets


  • Three 2 hour training sessions per week focusing on total player development
    • Hitting
    • Throwing
    • Strength
    • Speed
  • Defensive specific training
  • Individual guidance from coaches
  • Learn how to approach every aspect of baseball
  • Practice and prep for a variety of scenarios
  • Learn to value academics


  • Weight training program designed for baseball players
  • Get pushed hard to surpass his limits
  • Includes
    • Arm strength to improve hitting
    • Arm development to improve throwing
    • Leg strength and speed
    • Flexibility
    • Endurance


  • Measure his exit velocity
  • Measure his throwing velocity
  • Measure his 60 yard dash time
  • Track improvements

Don’t fall for baseball programs that can’t deliver on their promises

It’s too easy to find a baseball training program in Colorado Springs where players stand around, coaches yell at groups instead of giving individual feedback, and no one gets better.

It’s time to stop paying for mediocre training and start seeing real improvement.

Become a CageRat

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Per Month

Push yourself to the limit.
Become the player you dream of.


$ 99

Per Month

Unlimited training
Plus the benefits of a team:
Elite travel teams
College showcases
Recruiting guidance


$ 99

Per Month

For those just getting started.
Take the next step to becoming the best.

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