Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching someone else coach your son?

How many games does he have left before he leaves?

Does watching from the stands feel like you’re disengaged?

Are you missing out on making his most important memories with him?

youth baseball coach huddling with team

You deserve to build memories with your son doing something he loves

We know what it’s like to watch our kids spend time being coached by someone else, while we sat on the bench. We know you’ve wished it could be you with him, building memories and coaching youth baseball.

So we built a program that gives you the opportunity to get off the bench and spend more time with your son by becoming a baseball coach.

We’ve perfected a system for coaching youth baseball that provides the resources and guidance you need to be a great coach, no matter how much coaching experience you have.


What Makes CageRat Different

Coach youth baseball and help kids grow

Build memories with your son

Help kids push themselves

Teach kids basic baseball skills

Help kids love the game

Empower kids to be self-motivated

Treat kids like all stars

We equip you to become a
great baseball coach

baseball coach with youth player

Learn to teach

We work together to make sure
every coach knows baseball
well enough to coach it

youth baseball coach with player

Learn how to
coach well

We’ve coached t­ball through
college ball and can fast­track
you to coaching greatness

youth baseball player throwing ball

Get support when
you need it

In our coaching community you
can ask questions and get
resources to be a great coach

youth baseball coach with player

Get help recruiting
your team

We help you find and recruit
players for your team

youth baseball player hitting ball

Work with a
brand people trust

People trust CageRat—and
will trust you too

cagerat youth baseball coach

Be part of a great
baseball culture

We care most about growing as individuals,
a team, and a community

Join Our Phenomenal Team

cagerat ceo tad reida

Tad Reida


Lead trainer, coach, and CEO

Andy Kay

Youth Baseball Coach

10u Coach

James Carlson

Youth Baseball Coach

9u Coach

Mike Prater

Youth Baseball Coach

11u Coach

Chris Ewen

Youth Baseball Coach

10u Coach, Director of Youth Baseball

Pete Cornett

Youth Baseball Coach

13u Coach

“You can always tell your kids hard work pays off, but when they see the results for themselves the sky's the limit.”

Kylene Stelma

“The training philosophy and efficiency of each practice is unparalleled in Colorado, especially for pre-highschool athletes.”

Kristen Wilmes

"Coming from a different organization in CO Springs to CageRats is like night and day. Lots of time is spent on mastering fundamental skills.”

Beth McGraw

“My son learned how to be a better leader and really push himself.”

Jonathan Snow

Imagine missing out…

Most dads remember watching their son. Not practicing with him. Not working with him. Not creating memories with him. Your son won’t be young forever. Don’t let your son grow up with you on the sidelines.

Become a CageRat
Baseball Coach


Apply today


Get trained


Create memories
with your son

Bonus! Youth baseball coaches have their kids’
enrollment costs comped!


Make a difference in your son’s life

Create lifelong memories with your son

Become a baseball coach

Gain control over your son’s baseball experience

Help young men grow

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