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By January 31, 2017May 23rd, 2017Blog

Whenever a player goes out onto the field, he cannot always control whether he gets a hit, makes an error, or gives up a home run. A big part of baseball is failure! There are, however, many things each player can control, which play a big part in his ability to be successful and play at a high level!

When a player is on the field, it is very easy to see if that is his passion and if he truly loves the game. It is also just as easy to see if he doesn’t have that passion and is ready for the game to be over with!

How is it so easy to spot the guys with passion?

1.The guys that play with passion are sprinting EVERYWHERE they go on the field.

They have a ton of energy and play hard all of the time. They don’t jog out ground balls or fly balls, pout after an error or throw their helmet after a strikeout.

It doesn’t mean these guys are happy, it just means these guys truly love the game and play it the right way!

2. They look like they’re having fun!

The higher levels in baseball you go, the more and more “job-like” it becomes.

However, how many times have you gone to a pro game and seen players sitting by themselves pouting?

I never have!

Whether it’s before the game, during, or after, those guys absolutely love every second of being a baseball player! They’re always laughing and giving each other a hard time. (There is a difference between having fun and goofing off though!)

3. He’s a good teammate.

Going along the lines with #2, a player that has passion for the game rubs off on all of his teammate.

He is not just focused on himself, but really enjoys watching other people be successful.

His attitude is infectious and he is able to have other people follow what he does. If you come to the park with the same attitude day in and day out, people usually like to be around you!

Every time you walk into a practice or a game, remember that you are getting an opportunity to play a GAME that you love! If you have that approach every single day, baseball will never become a job for you!